Demo Dude becomes the Architect

Todd started out the July 30th episode of HGTV’s Good Bones as just part of the demolition crew. However, by part way through demolition, Todd had a name and was even introduced as the architect.

Demo Crew 1.JPG

While Rottmann Collier Architects was not the design firm for that specific home [we were working on designs for single family houses located on each side of this duplex], Todd was onsite for filming as part of the demolition crew.

When a determination was needed as to the structural significance of an existing wall, Todd stepped in as “the architect” to assess the situation and make a judgement call. He even finished demolishing the wall! I think Austin’s face is priceless! I can’t tell if he is impressed with Todd’s quick demo or terrified that he might need to move.

Todd in the crawl space reviewing structural bearing walls

Todd in the crawl space reviewing structural bearing walls

Todd Demo 6.JPG

Mina and Karen were even in our office for the filming of the design discussion.

2 chicks in the office.JPG

Also, a special shout out to Amy Kirchner and the Long-Sharp Gallery for being the featured artist for this week’s staging with several of Amy’s amazing paintings! Amy is one of Rod Collier’s favorite Indianapolis artists- with a couple of her pieces hanging in his own home. Congrats Amy! Below is a link to the 2 Chicks website showing the final house design with all of Amy’s paintings!!!

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