Another Day... ...Another Demo

The first big news of the week was seeing Todd featured with Karen in an Instagram post by HGTV! Wow, what a fun little video.

The second big news was that we got to be on set again for filming at another one of our projects with Good Bones. Todd and Rod have grown to love demo day filming for Good Bones on HGTV. The cast and film crew are so awesome to work with.


We laugh a lot.

We knock down walls a lot.

We shovel poop a lot.

We even run into the occasional tarantula [which hopefully was a one time thing].

While it is just another day for 2 Chicks and a Hammer, it is an adventure for Rottmann Collier Architects. We treasure the friendships that have been created and hope to work with these two amazing ladies for years to come.


Thank you Mina and Karen [and crew] for the joy you bring to not only Rottmann Collier, but also the beautiful way you represent Indianapolis to the HGTV viewers and community.

P.S. Austin really is as sweet as he comes across on television. While they may call him Bobcat because he can bulldoze right through walls, his heart is even bigger. We get to deal with Austin on the behind the scenes work for all of the houses, so we know firsthand just how much he does. Thank you Austin for all you do with the team.

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