To blog or not to blog... that is the question




Thanks so much for visiting our new website. 

It has literally taken years for me to get to this new design and content.  Our last website was completed by an intern, just like the one before that.  The bad thing about interns, by the nature of their position and education, is that they leave to continue their growth in life after their time with the firm.  With their departure, the knowledge of how to change and fix a website goes with them.  I treasure the growth and education that our firm can give an intern, but always mourn the loss of how to keep our website updated.

Not willing to let the website mastery disappear with each intern's departure, I finally took it upon myself to learn how to create and maintain a website.  Ta Da! It only took a couple years of after hours exploration, late nights, and several glasses of wine [ok... ...bottles] to create this iteration of the website.  In the end, I enjoyed the process- I apologize that it took so long for you to get an update.

I was not sure whether to have a blog section or not... we go.

Hopefully you enjoy your visit and will come back again and again to see the ongoing updates.  Feel free to suggest changes and/or make comments.

Rod CollierComment