Lourenzo Giple, NCARB


What do you do when you find yourself drinking at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee at 3:30 AM with a new friend named Lourenzo?  If you are Rod Collier, you hire him of course!  Rod and Lourenzo [and Nick Swinehart] met on a factory tour in Tennessee; they remained good friends for years before Lourenzo finally joined the Rottmann Collier Architects team. 

Born in Liberia, but moving the the United States at a young age, Lourenzo received his Undergraduate Degree and Masters Degree in architecture and urban planning from the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning in Muncie, Indiana.  Lourenzo earned his wings at another firm and development company prior to joining the Rottmann Collier family, so his expertise and experience are a benefit for Rottmann Collier Architects as well as Rottmann Collier Development.

Lourenzo is extremely active in several community organizations and neighborhood groups.  He is currently taking his exams toward licensing.