Ball State University

Rod Collier has had the honor and privilege of working with his Alma Mater for several projects for more than 15 years. While working at the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis offices of MSKTD [1994-2008], Rod was the Design Architect and Project Manager for notable projects around the campus such as West Quad Remodel, David Letterman Building, and the Student Wellness and Recreation Building. After his departure from MSKTD at the end of 2008, Ball State University asked Rod Collier to return to help with several design challenges, preliminary projects, and master planning.

After years of creating several notable projects on campus, Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning honored Rod with the distinctive Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2013.

*MSKTD & Associates is the architect of record for the Letterman Building, Student Wellness Building, and West Quad Renovations. All photos above are by Rod Collier.

Slideshow above features several schematic design projects and master planning images created by Rod Collier for Ball State University.


Both Todd and Rod frequently attend lectures, student job fairs, student design reviews, and faculty events at Ball State University. We are proud to be Ball State University College of Architecture Alums!