Lorene was a visionary.  She called Rod Collier way back in 1999 with the crazy idea to build a school.  Not just any school, but a premiere Montessori School in northern Indiana.  18+ years (and 15+ building projects) later, Rod is still excited every time he sets foot on the amazing Oak Farm School campus in Avilla, Indiana.  With programs now ranging from infants to high school, this unique and special school has the most amazing educational experience for every age range.  With buildings spanning the spectrum of time from "the Victorian House" to the "modern bike shop", this campus even teaches architecture (albeit subtly) to students as they progress through the program.

Green Farmhouse.JPG

Rod Collier worked on projects at Oak Farm School while at MSKTD & Associates from 1994-2008. 

Rottmann Collier Architects has been the architecture firm of record for all projects since 2009.